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Free Math Tutor. Math Help. Math Help Online. Math Tutor. Math Tutor Near Me. Math Tutor Wichita Falls. Online Math Tutor. And the list goes on and on and on…..

If some of these sound familiar, then hopefully what you’ll find here can break the monotony and be the destination that you have been searching for (rather tirelessly if you’ve seen more than three of the searches above).

This little nook of the interwebs serves two purposes. It is here that I offer my insights and services tutoring mathematics as well as promote my work as an aspiring young adult fiction author.

Feel free to check out my free math help lessons to see if you can get over that bump or to follow the links to my YouTube channel if you would like to see the lessons animated. I offer one-on-one math tutoring here in Wichita Falls as well as online via Skype or Discord for those who still need a little more guidance through math topics as well.

Whether it was for math help, looking for a tutor here in Wichita Falls, online assistance through the journey of mathematics, or just because you wondered who Kagan Love is, I hope you find the answers you are looking for. If not, head over to my Contact page to ask any questions you still have!

Thank you!


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