Across The Breach

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It’s no big secret that ever since Dr. Ian Krane first created the Breach that connects our world to Aerdyle almost 75 years ago, gang wars between the numerous species have threatened the ability of humans and Aerdylians to coexist peacefully. However, when the young inventor Alexander Cross discovers one of the doctor’s abandoned labs, he sets into motion a chain of events that unveil a darker force behind the violence.

As Alex and his newly assembled team fight to stop the powerful elemental Rykyr from succeeding in his plot to turn the humans and Aerdylians against one another, they discover that Alex with his strange new abilities might be the only one who can unite their worlds and help them find where they belong.

Amidst vampires, elves, giant insects, and moving plant life, Alex finds that he may be more spectacular than he thought. And only one man who no one has seen since the breech can answer his questions:  Dr. Krane.