Let’s Love Math!

Growing up in a family without much money, it was always a dream of mine to provide supplemental math help to those who cannot traditionally afford it. The primary purpose of my site is to realize this goal through providing FREE math instruction and tutoring through pages and videos dedicated to filling in learning gaps.

As a math tutor in Wichita Falls, Texas, I am constantly bombarded by the need for math tutoring. In fact, I have had so many requests, I often times have to turn away students which breaks my heart. Though no lesson or video can ever replace the attention and direction of a person directly working with you, it is possible to help a majority of students who are hung up on one simple concept through that little extra push that the lessons hopefully provide.

I have worked with Mathnasium, Sylvan, and a number of organizations in the Wichita Falls Independent School District, which has alerted me to the need left unfulfilled by our current education system. This is not to say that our local school system or its administrators are not doing their best. It is an unfortunate fact that our entire country faces. Until we can craft a solution and revitalize the way mathematics is taught, utilizing individuals and secondary sources for those who require more individualized learning methods is paramount.

The lessons are composed of shots from the videos I have uploaded to my YouTube  channel. Each video introduces a topic and then walks you through the concept step-by-step in a way that has made sense to the students I have taught over the years. Feel free to head there for the animated versions of each PowerPoint lesson or to read through here. Whichever method you feel will serve your needs best.

The topics are listed in order from the beginning of Pre-Algebra. This area will be forever growing as I finish more and more to upload, so if you don’t see what you’re struggling with, feel free to check back soon or even message me to let me know what you are looking for so that I can work on getting to that idea for you!


Integer Basics

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Multiplying and Dividing Integers

Properties of Numbers

Order of Operations

Solving Equations by Adding and Subtracting

Solving Equations by Multiplying and Dividing

Rational and Irrational Numbers

Decimals and Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Exponent Basics

Properties of Exponents

Scientific Notation

Operations in Scientific Notation


Using Radicals to Solve Equations

The Pythagorean Theorem

The Coordinate Plane


Algebra 1

Polynomials and Terms

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials