I’ve always loved the written word. One of my earliest memories is my father reading to my brother and I just after he was born and listening to how he made sense of the little things on the page and brought them to life in a way that filled me with such joy that it stays with me to this day. From there I remember figuring out what letters were and how just 26 of them can be combined into an infinite number of combinations each with a unique place in the way we communicate with one another (must be the mathematician in me that enjoys the puzzles).

By age four, my father had begun telling us stories he made up and encouraged the two of us to contribute one line at a time. Then a paragraph. Soon we each had one night that we had to tell a continuation of the story. I adored expressing myself by telling them what was in my head so much that my mother introduced me to reading and writing. An avid reader, she jumped at the chance to buy me a spiral when I informed her I wanted to write a story down to remember it later. I managed to fill every page, front and back, with the tale of a ghost boy who went to a world and made friends with a pumpkin-headed creature with vines for arms.

Since then I have had a great many interests. School was fun for me due to the small sizes of our classes, so academics came naturally. This lead to a myriad of passions that swirled around my head all hours of the day. Unfortunately, this lead to a great deal of strife when the time came for graduation and to pick a major for college. In fact, I was so confused, that I took on a dare from my high school science teacher to major in Physics. Yes, I made this life-shaping decision due to a simple challenge that I could not turn down.

At my university, however, I did what all college students do: I refined my interests and began to discover myself. I fell in love with the math department there due to their quirky and inspiring professors and added mathematics to my degree plan to double major. But my story doesn’t stop there, no  no!

After the death of my mother my first semester in college, my father began encouraging me to tutor others to help pay for my expenses due to our financial situation. Initially I was mortified at the thought of not only speaking to another human being (social interaction, gasp!) but also the idea that anyone could want to listen to me prattle on about what I knew about numbers in the hopes of improving their grades. In the end, however, I conceded when the math department asked me to be on their tutor list that they provided to the local high schools as part of their requirements.

Then, the worst thing in the world happened. I enjoyed it. More than that, I found my calling in life. From the very first session that I had with a junior high kid and seeing him have that aha! moment, I was hooked. I moved on to work at Sylvan Learning Center as a math instructor and then to Mathnasium where I moved all the way to their Director of Training for three centers. All the while, never earning my teacher’s certificate as I enjoyed the individual interactions that tutoring allowed.

Life continued to throw opportunities at me when a local private school teacher asked me to apply as their math teacher where I currently call home. Now I get to work with junior high and high school students daily trying to in the very least diminish their fears of numbers.

All the while, I never stopped writing. I wrote my first book as a sophomore in high school. A 212 page monstrosity that I refuse to ever see the light of day again that served its purpose training me to sit down and actually take the time to flesh out an entire story. Poems for girlfriends. A publication in a college literary magazine. And now this. The idea that has rattled around in my brain for years that has finally spilled out onto the digital page.

And that brings us to the present. Typing this short bio and waiting to finish up the last 20 pages of Across the Breach while sitting in a coffee shop sipping hot chocolate to look cool because that’s what writers do. (I don’t actually like coffee but need to fit in because of the social awkwardness…) By all means feel free to hop over to the contact me page for any questions about the upcoming book or even about me. I’ll do my best to answer them or at least entertain you if I don’t have an answer!