Welcome to your free math tutoring resource center!

Here you can find math help resources in a number of different courses. Allow me to preface with the fact that this section is a work in progress that I will be adding to constantly so that I can cover as much in the world of mathematics as possible.

The goal that this section aspires to reach is to replace math tutors in Wichita Falls locally, nor anywhere else in the world. Instead, it is to work along side these math specialists to reach a crowd that may not be able to afford supplemental math help. Even more lofty, I hope to help tutors find lessons in a sensible order to prepare them to work with kids at any level.

So no matter your level, purpose, or age, I hope that you find what you’re surfing the web for here. You will find snips taken of the PowerPoint lessons that I have prepared for each topic. Should that not strike your fancy, feel free to head over to my YouTube channel Love Math for the animated versions completely FREE!

If you’re even more determined than that, or just a teacher looking to use the PowerPoint in its original form, try my TeachersPayTeachers page for a quick download of whichever resource you like. (Some of those might not be free, though.) Each slide there also comes with notes so that your kiddos can print off the lessons to fill in the blanks for a guided note-taking experience!

Anywho, without drawing this out any further than I need to, check out the courses below:


Algebra 1


Algebra 2