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Welcome to the section of my site dedicated to mathematics!

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I attended Midwestern State University where I double majored in math and physics. When I first decided to pick up on the math portion of my major, my father began pestering me to tutor in order to earn a living. After a particularly livid phone call with him where I explained that I would not even know where to begin offering my help, I walked into the math department to have the secretary explain to me that they had many of their majors sign up on their list of tutors to help others on campus. Defeated, I resigned myself to my fate and took my first client only a few days later.

Obviously, I found my passion as I slowly cared less and less about my own future career and began to take on the needs of the students I met. In my first senior year (yes, I had two thanks to the brilliant idea of double majoring) Sylvan Learning Center called the math department who recommended me to them. It was there that I awkwardly accepted the offer to work with students of all ages and decided teaching was the most rewarding work I could devote myself to.

Upon graduation I ran to Chicago where I had the immense honor of being hired to a Mathnasium center. Their methods, staff, and ideology forever changed my life and solidified my determination to continue working with students on a one-on-one level. As the Director of Training for three locations that the owner had, I helped other instructors to develop their skills and improve their approach with students of all ages. After two years I returned to my home town to help run the Mathnasium here.

Due to a tragic event, the owner was forced to close the doors leaving many students unsure where to turn. It was at this point that I finally took the risk to begin my own tutoring business. For the first year I had such a high number of students that I had to hire three additional tutors to work with me to maintain the demand for my services. Amidst these efforts, I was asked to apply to a local private school that maintained my ideology of one-to-one help through an online learning environment.

I accepted their offer and have been working with them ever since. Due to the increased load on my schedule, I transitioned my business to a mobile one in the afternoons and weekends. Now I spend my evenings bouncing between the MSU library and other locales to meet with students and continue to build up their confidence.

Please, if you have questions that you cannot find answers to somewhere in my site, head to the contact page and feel free to message me. As always, thank you for your time, and I am honored to have been considered to help supplement your or your child’s math education!