Start by meeting me Free

Every student is welcome to meet with me for a free consultation. These initial meetings typically take 15 to 20 minutes where I assess where the trouble began and how best to approach creating a plan individually tailored to fit that student’s needs.

I encourage anyone curious to at least take me up on this offer as it is great information that can guide study time, homework, classroom behavior, and even provide other tutors with a starting point to launch from. No one is under any obligation to make further appointments after attending this assessment. (It also serves as a way for your student to determine if they enjoy learning from me as meeting the right tutor can make all the difference in the world.)

I typically meet for 1 hour sessions, however I individually with each student and parent what time best suits their needs. I have found that the attention span of most students older than third grade lasts only one hour. In some younger students I shorten this time to only 30 to 45 minutes.

Of course, exceptions can be made individually for test prep and other situations.


Hourly Rate

  • $40/hr for Single sessions
    • Recommended for students who will meet infrequently


  • $175 for 5 sessions
    • To be paid at start of first session
    • Recommended for students who will meet once a week for short-term goals
  • $300 for 10 sessions
    • To be paid at start of first session
    • Recommended for students who will meet twice a week for long-term goals


I do offer lessons via skype for long-distance cases as I have had success with students in the past.

  • $35/hr
    • PayPal, Facebook, and Checks
    • To be paid after each week’s worth of sessions
    • Recommended for students with very busy schedules or distance learning


All group sessions are to be paid per hour at the beginning of the lesson unless a package deal is agreed upon prior.

  • $60/hr for 2 students
  • $80/hr for 3 students
  • $100/hr for 4 students

Larger groups will be considered and negotiated as the need arises.

Financial Hardship

Growing up, I can remember how badly I wanted a tutor to challenge me when I was bored in class, but I also understood how financially incapable we  were to pursue such a luxury. Had I met the correct academic mentor, I may have attempted more in school to progress rather than simply being content to scrape by and take the lazy way out.

As such, it is my goal to try to help any student that is in need. If you are in need of help but feel unable to meet the prices listed, I will keep limited sessions open in my schedule to consider situations where guardians provide proof of financial struggles. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.